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Do you dream of all of your marketing channels in one easy place? So did we... Now, with our revolutionary SmartMail Integration, your direct mail and digital ads are streamlined, producing response rates like you've never seen before.

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SmartMail Integration works.

Direct mail has always worked. But now, you can easily impact customers where they are—EVERYWHERE. Mail. Google. Social media. Leave no lead behind!

96 %
of visitors leave your website without taking action, but ...
26 %
they return and complete conversion with SmartMail retargeted ads
80 %
of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact (SmartMail gets all 8-12 contacts!)
70 %
of people access social media daily (and will see your SmartMail retargeted ads!)

Why G&J?

We stay ahead of the curve to give you the best possible mail marketing campaign. Expect exceptional quality, timeliness, and budget mindfulness—every time.

You’ll enjoy more leads, more response, more revenue.

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